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New Chapter, Fresh Start

New Chapter, Fresh Start

I’ve always told myself that if I’m going to start a blog, it’s going to be more than just fluffy lifestyle pieces… it’s going to be honest, vulnerable, and rooted in my real life. You may have already caught onto this, but I’m actually very camera shy and typing out my thoughts feels a lot less nerve-racking than sharing them on camera.

It’s my intention to share my narrative in a way that builds a bridge between you and I. We’re all one, we’re all connected, and we’re here to learn from one another.

So, with that being said, I pray that what I share resonates with you and you feel a sense of peace in knowing that I’m holding space for you (and thank you for doing the same for me).

New blog posts will be posted weekly. Stay tuned.

♡ Kamehana

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